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A Patented and Innovative Farming Machine


H2grow has developed a patented machine and irrigation grow bag system for farmers. The machine lays down compostable plastic in a proprietary process that creates greater fruit and vegetable production yields while reducing water consumption by up 50% and a substantial reduction in pesticide use.

Where We Are Going....


We are currently undergoing trials in partnership with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) department to measure the benefits of our machine and grow bag system. After several harvests, we are excited with very favorable results in terms of higher fruit and vegetable yields along with dramatic reduction in water and pesticide use compared to conventional farming methods.

Our next step is to meet more growers interested in planting using H2GrOw for a select portion of their arable agricultural land. We are also currently in the process of planting 10 acres of a variety of crops using H2GrOw in Frostproof as an extended beta trial program.

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If you are interested in planting using H2GrOw, let us know.

We will start shortly to market our product and the benefits it provides to growers compared to conventional methods.


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